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Spinal cord trauma is damage to the spinal cord. It may result from...

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Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a serious public health problem in the...

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Walking Therapy Pembroke Pines, FL


A stroke is a condition in which the brain cells suddenly die because of a...

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  • NeuroFit360 provides a safe, high intensity program designed to promote recovering and well-being for individuals suffering from post-neurological trauma. From walking improvement exercises to strength training, our fitness club offers the neurological therapy you need for trauma or stroke recovery.
  • NeuroFit360 provides an intensive exercise based physical therapy program tailored to meet individual needs for clients of any age, appropriate during any stage of recovery, with physician approval.
  • NeuroFit360 provides a barrier free environment where client can use handicap accessible cardio and strength equipment independently.

Client's Goals

  • Improve health.
  • Prevention of secondary or unwanted health issues: skin break downs, joint contractures, muscle atrophy, blood clots, etc.
  • Maintain fitness and wellness.

Services - Recovery

  • Balance training (sitting and standing, static dynamic).
  • Transfer training.
  • Cardiovascular conditioning.
  • Strength training.
  • NeuroFit360 Walking Program.
  • Peer Counseling.
  • Support Group (please call Milita Dolan for more information at 754-202-2925.
  • Training for professional and caregivers (call 754-202-2925).

Benefits To Clients

  • Improve Quality of Life.
  • Maximize your Independence.
  • Maintenance of Optimal Health.
  • Potential to Reduce Pain and Depression.
  • Maintenance of Bone Density.
  • Improve Flexibility.
  • Increase Stimulation to Musculoskeletal System.
  • Postural Improvement.
  • Potential to Reduce Spasm.
  • Optimize Function at Home and Work Setting.
  • Protection Against Chronic and Secondary Disease Related to Neurological Disorders and Sedentary Lifestyle.

Physical Therapy Pembroke Pines, FL

Our exercises help with stroke therapy and neurological therapy.